Parent Meetings

Rite of Passage staff works with families in using a strengths-based, social-cognitive approach. Our family services program will seek to improve parenting practices, empower the family to engage in the student’s education, treatment and provide support to ensure sustainability of positive results.  One way we support families is through multi-family groups that utilize the Active Parenting curriculum.

Through Active Parenting classes, students and parents come together to learn strategies that are proven to increase effective family communication and transition their relationships to the next stages of effective family connectivity.  The class is delivered to small groups of parents by a Case Manager and licensed mental health provider. The curriculum helps parents of teens communicate effectively; prevent and handle drug and alcohol use; discipline while teaching responsibility; set boundaries and limits, and teaches nonviolent conflict resolution.

For more information on when the Marler Center offers Active Parenting classes, please call (720) 963-5020.

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